Saturday, July 6, 2013

Amazing Ride Wasn't It?

Seems lack of doping made this type of ride possible. Easy to see who isn't doping. Glad to know that Sky has figured out that training makes all this possible.

Somebody better tell all the other teams to start "training".

Have 100 percent confidence in my results, says Froome

Sam Dansie
July 6, 20:10, 
July 6, 20:16
Tour de France
Chris Froome (Sky) has plenty to be happy about after stage 8 at the Tour de France
Chris Froome (Sky) has plenty to be happy about after stage 8 at the Tour de France
  • Chris Froome (Sky) has plenty to be happy about after stage 8 at the Tour de France
  • Stage 8 winner Chris Froome (Sky)
Sky rider moves into yellow at Ax 3 Domaines
New yellow jersey Chris Froome (Team Sky) said winning the first mountain stage of the 2013 Tour de France is the result of months of hard work, a cleaner sport and will stand the test of time.
Froome and teammate Richie Porte dominated the final climb to the Ax-3-Domaines ski station on stage 8. Froome is now almost a minute clear of the field. Porte – instrumental in shredding the lead group on the lower slopes – is 51 seconds down, while Alejandro Valverde (Movistar) is third at 1min 25sec.
Such was the thrashing the black and blue team handed to other general classification rivals including Alberto Contador (Saxo-Tinkoff) and Andy Schleck (RadioShack-Leopard) it raised a question about whether people could be confident that the result had been obtained cleanly. 100 percent, Froome said.
“It’s normal that people ask questions in cycling given the history of the sport,” he said in the winner’s conference.
“I know the sport has changed,” said the 28-year-old. “There’s absolutely no way I’d be able to get these results if the sport hadn’t changed. If you look it logically, we know that the sport’s in a better place that it has been for the last 20 or 30 years, so I think the results now are definitely a lot more credible.
“For me it is a bit of a personal mission to show that the sport has changed and I certainly know that the results I’m getting are not going to be stripped 10, 20 years down the line – rest assured it’s not going to happen.”
Froome said months of hard work – including training camps at altitude – and support from Team Sky staff and his fiancée had helped him arrive at the Tour in top condition.
“I think if people got more of a look into that they would see that that work equals these results and it’s not something that’s so wow, so unbelievable. It does actually add up if you look and see what actually goes into this.”
Team Sky’s strategy didn’t deviate from controlling the pace on the final two critical climbs on Saturday. On the penultimate Col de Pailhères, Sky looked unflappable, setting a steady tempo on the front of the main group. Even an attack from Nairo Quintana – who Sky identified as a danger man pre-Tour – failed to elicit a response. On the descent, Peter Kennaugh maintained Sky’s presence at the head of the peloton before Porte took over on Ax-3-Domaines and broke apart the race. Froome hit out alone with about 4km remaining and powered through the steep hairpins to gain every second possible.
“This is the Tour de France and every second counts. I definitely wasn’t trying to save myself there in any respect,” Froome said.
And on taking his first yellow jersey – which he assumes from former Barloworld teammate Daryl Impey (Orica-GreenEdge) he said: “To have the yellow jersey really is amazing. I’ve been in a few leader’s jerseys this year and nothing compares to the Tour de France.”

Friday, June 28, 2013

The Official Rad Fondo 2013 TDF Review

It's been 139 days since my last post so I decided it is time to put something new on the site. Tomorrow is the first stage of the 2013 Tour de France. As such I felt it appropriate to give you my thoughts on this years winners and losers. Feel free to use my detailed research when picking your TDF fantasy teams. My biting analysis may also be used to back up your arguments about any rider or team. Ladies and gentlemen I give you the greatest TDF review article of all time*

*That could be written in less than 10 minutes.

The Official Rad Fondo 2013 TDF Review


The 2013 TDF looks to be one of the most exciting races in some time. Who is going to wear the Maillot Juane after day 1? Who is going to wear it on the Champs de Elysees? Green Jersey? Read on my friends because those questions will be answered.

Some people use data when creating these types of articles. I did something even better. I looked at pictures on the internet and based all my conclusions on that picture. Then when I factor in all my vast knowledge of cycling (mostly  gleaned from watching t.v. and reading articles on the web) I am able to give you some of the greatest insight in cycling journalism.

If you don't see your favorite rider it's because I was too lazy to find a picture. Just email me a current picture (best if from the last few days) and I will work my magic and use it in a follow up post.

2012 TDF Champion Brad Wiggins

So where is Brad Wiggins? Since he wasn't at the team presentation and wasn't on the roster I predict that Mr. Wiggins will definitely not win the 2013 edition of the TDF. Sad really as I miss his bad haircut and his outgoing demeanor. By carefully analyzing this picture from last year I can see that doubt is already clouding his mind regarding the 2013 TDF. Look at the slumped shoulders and the vacant look. This is a broken man. Time for a follow up call to GlaxoSmithKline.

Peter Sagan

Somebody just asked who is going to win the green jersey this year. Look who raised his hand. Yep barring injury Peter Sagan is going to put on a clinic in earning green. He may not have the top end of Cavendish or Greipel but Peter can flat out ride. Doesn't need a lead out train, can climb better than all his sprinting competition and even has a new goatee. Game over. All he needs is a couple of podium girls to complete this picture. I'm pretty sure that's what he is staring at.
Mark Cavendish

"Hey I got my hand up too!" Sorry Mark, much like Tyler Farrar, you were just too slow getting that hand up in the air. Mark looks sharp in his new kit and he looks very fit but I think he just wont be able to get over some of the climbs and will not be able to contest enough sprints to keep himself in the hunt. He will win a few stages though and is flat out the fastest sprinter in this years tour. I like the new Jeff Gordon inspired haircut and glasses. Thumbs up.

Andre Greipel


Why does everyone have their hand up today? The only reason Andre Greipel has his hand in the air is because when he brings it down he is going to pound you into the ground like a tent stake. Damn, homeboy has more muscles on the left side of his face than I have in my body. You are looking at the first rider to wear the yellow jersey after tomorrows stage. He will either win stage 1 or he will kick your ass. He might even do both. This man is fierce.

Philippe Gilbert

Instigators, agitators, troublemakers, call them what you will but Philippe is a threat for quite a few stages. He looks ultra-lean and needs a stage win to honor the World Champions stripes. Obviously
he is looking out into the crowd for his smoking hot girlfriend. I wish they would have posted her picture instead. The problem is that I see way too much stress in this photo. I would leave him off your fantasy team.
Johnny Hoogerland

I hope you have your hand in the air so cars can see you. Johnny may be best known for his unbelievable fight with a fencepost but hopefully we will see JH in a few long breakaways this year. He is a solid bet for a stage win and if he gets up the road on the right day the peloton is going to let him go. Nothing funny to say here but if you were to draw a Hitler moustache on his picture it would be really funny. 

See. I told you it was funny.


I really wish I was better with Photoshop...

Thomas Voeckler

This is not Photoshop. Thomas Voekler had his head shrunk. I didn't know that it was actually possible. I am going to miss that giant head rocking away as he attacked the break. Seriously though, he is looking super fit and much lighter than years past. While I put him in the one day category he is an actual wild card for yellow.

Here is an artist rendering showing where his normal sized head would be.

Ryder Hesjedal

Who wants to win the TDF? I didn't say Simon says. Too bad Ryder, you fell for it. Hopefully you can help Dan Martin keep it together for 3 weeks. Not sure why his picture wasn't in the gallery. Must be tough working under the JV "Shoot into the sky and hope you hit a duck" philosophy.

Joaquim Rodriguez

Oh my. Somebody got dressed in the dark again. I always wondered where my Kid N Play wig went. While Joaquim may not dress the part, his competition better watch out. He will be on the podium in Paris and is my dark horse for the overall win. Those sweet Oakley shades do match his armbands so I guess I cant bust on him too much. Please lose the hippy bangles before tomorrow. Nobody likes a filthy hippy.

Cadel Evans

"If I don't get to win the TDF I am gonna hold my breath". Probably not the best strategy but when you race for BMC you don't really need that anyway. He has always raced with no support in the past so he should be ready for this years tour. Co-leader. Sort of like having a Co-girlfriend. No thank you. Good luck mate - You are going to need it. How come I don't have a picture of TJ? I would like to Co-make fun of him too.

Alejandro Valverde


I wonder if he is wearing Aramis? Looks more like a golf pro than a tour contender. Looks are very deceiving though. While everyone else is watching each other AV is going up the road. He is on my fantasy team and I expect a top 5.

Alberto Contador

If you or any of your fellow competitors are currently using performance enhancing drugs please raise your hand. Caught you. I didn't say Simon Says...

Pick AC for the win as he is going to peak in the 3rd week.

I hope you enjoyed the 2013 Rad Fondo guide to the TDF. Send me your pictures if you want your favorite rider reviewed.



Saturday, February 9, 2013

Been A Long Time

It feels like forever since I sat down and wrote something for the site. I have lots of stuff but not a lot of time or motivation required to post it. I think maybe I will use this first post to try and get the log jam in my head to spit out some new material.

Surfing through my favorite sites this morning, I came across this ugly little story.

With the prices on bikes and parts as high as they are, we are likely to see much more of this in the future. The sad part is that while it looks from the outside like the top tour teams have plenty of money, are likely insured and they have big money sponsors that can help with a quick replacement this is far from the truth.

Contracts are negotiated early on, budgets are set, parts and funds (if any) are allocated usually just before race season starts. This requires months of planning by teams and sponsors and most of the products are shipped just in time. Remember, these sponsors are running a business. They have commitments to factories, suppliers, distributors, dealers and consumers. I would bet that Cervelo doesn't just have 10 extra R-5s just laying around the office. They have orders to fill and the reason they sponsor teams in the first place is to keep the orders coming.

Not saying they wont pull a rabbit out of a hat, they will. The point is that this affects them just as much as it affects us when our rigs get pilfered. Actually more, as most of us don't ride for a living.

That's all you get for now. Check back later as I am going on a posting tear and might even release the details for the next Rad Fondo...

Possibly the only good criminal.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

I like Bikes But I Love Nordhavn

No updates for months and now this? Yachts? Say it aint so. This is the first Nordhavn 120 as it nears completion. I would gladly give up cycling to become Captain on this incredible yacht. If it is delivered somewhere close I am going to be there.

That is all for now. Cycling stuff to follow... Quick note for you tri dorks out there. Rad Fondo is going to Kona for the Ironman World Championships! Great, now the site will have cooking, gardening, bikes, yachts and triathlon.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Where's Rad Fondo?

Was my last update really July 31st? What happened to Rad Fondo? Was he hurt in a coal mining accident? Did he violate his restraining orders? Did he cash out and take that buy out offer?

Great questions, but the reality is that work got in the way. I have been doing some contract work (temp work) for a bicycle industry manufacturer. It came at a weird time but in reality it was the jump start that I needed. I have a ton of updates, reviews and a whole schedule of winter rides to post! Please tell your friends that Rad Fondo is back and he will be updating the site!

Here is a  great picture that from Interbike 2012. Wayne and Peter Stetina in full effect!

I may be the Ambassador of Cycling but Wayne is the Godfather...

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Another Great Contest - Win A KHS Cash Call Team Frame

This is very last minute but this is a great opportunity to win a KHS Cash Call Team Frame. All you have to do is register for the contest at the following link on the KHS website.

Win this KHS Cash Call Team Frame!

The contest ends tonight so register now!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

101 Posts...

Hard to believe that Pad Fondo has hit 101 posts on the site. You would think that I would have something cycling related or maybe a story about the Olympics? Nope. Just this little gem from the Internet.

Keep checking back as there are some changes coming at Rad Fondo! Until then go ride your bike. Enjoy.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Win An Ultegra Di2 Group - No Cables Attached

You can win a complete Ultegra Di2 Group!

Shimano is giving away a complete Ultegra Di2 Group and it is simple to enter. Just take a picture of your bike that needs an upgrade and submit it on the following link on FaceBook. Then during the voting period promote your picture and get as many votes as possible.

This is such an easy contest and your odds of winning are actually pretty good. I am going to enter my 1989 Masi 3V that needs a makeover. If you don't enter, at least vote for my bike. I will post my link as soon as I have mine up.

It's as simple as uploading a picture. I won't be using this one...
With all the scams that fly around on FaceBook I for one am happy for the chance to win something without jumping through a bunch of flaming hoops. I got this pair of Michelin socks by entering the Michelin giveaway last month. They are giving away  Ridley bike but the contest is a bit more involved. Get info on free socks or the contest here.

Free stuff is awesome!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Rad Fondo Loves Good Content!

Earlier this year I found the artwork of Joe Yule and thought it was some great original Tour De France content. Now through the wonders of Facebook I bring you another great content provider. Behold the artwork of Bruce Doscher!

He creates these posters on the day of the stage. This is really cool stuff. You can order signed poster prints from his website.

Here they are in order. Enjoy!


Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

Stage 4 - Love this one!

Stage 5 

Stage 6 - A rough day for all

Stage 7

Stage 8

Stage 9 

Stage 10

Stage 11

Stage 12 Millar with the win

Stage 13

Stage 14 No attacks just tacks

Stage 15

Stage 16 

Stage 17

Stage 18 - Seems only Cav sprinted...

Love This Picture

If you have a high resolution photo I want it!